What is the County Clerk?

county-clerkThe Monmouth County Clerk is a constitutional and administrative officer elected by the voters of Monmouth County according to state law for a five year term.  There are four major divisions of the County Clerk’s Office: Recordings, Passports, Archives and Elections.  The Recording Division maintains records or real property transfers and property interests in Monmouth County.  Our Passport Offices, both in Neptune and in Freehold, assist with the preparation of the passport application, which, in turn, is forwarded to the federal government.
The Archives Division preserves, organizes and provides access to Monmouth County government records of enduring historic value retained on a permanent basis. These records include documents pertaining to deeds, court cases, naturalizations, marriages and many other subjects. Archival records are used for legal, genealogical, historical and other research purposes.  The Elections Division handles vote by mail applications, ballot preparation, processing of election results and other important aspects of the election process.  The County Clerk’s Office also issues Identification Cards and peddler licenses.